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Red Book 

B2B SaaS Solution for Pharmacy Store Management

Desktop App 


​My Role 

  • Product Goal Realignment

  • Information Architecture Redesign

  • Navigational Model Exploration

  • UX/UI Design 

Redbook is a pharmacy store retail management product.

The product is aimed at saving medical stores time, and increasing productivity for an average small to large chemist stores. 


Usually, a typical chemist store has a variety of tasks happening together. Imagine a chemist store in your nearby market. Vineet works here. He is a storekeeper, frontdesk guy all combined into one. Now, in the evening time, two customers walk in together. At the same time, he has a dealer already present who was here to supply new inventory of some dengue related medicines. Before the dealer had arrived, Vineet was already working on payment dues to some other suppliers. He had to leave that halfway. Phew! Who knew life at a medical store can be this complex. 


A product which deals efficiently with multitasking and lowers potential errors for the user is the need of market. Apart from that there are various issues around 

Defining the Problem 


The Redbook is a SaaS based product which was built on the go with a lean team. Hence a lot of features have been added as per needs of the users without a comprehensive thought to their placement and flow. This had resulted in a complex and client approached us with usability issues at multiple levels. Due to feature overload It created the impression that it is difficult for users to use. When the client approached, the product experience is cumbersome, requiring a lot of handholding from the sales team of Redbook. 



Project Goals 

1. Help users multitask easily within the product.
2. Improve the overall perception of ease of usage 

3.Help in increasing productivity and overall efficiency of the store.


The Design Process 

Streamlining User Flow 


The old UX flow was oriented around keeping every feature upfront. I designed the new user flow to encourage activity based thinking.

Navigational Model Redesign


Post many navigational model exploration we arrived at a navigational model which was a horizontal navigation and tabular structure.

UI :Concept Devt. & Detailing  

The UI of screens was done phasewise and screens were detailed.


The Improved Redbook Experience




Now user can easily toggle between various sections and access tabs based on intent and avoid seeing any other tabs ( for. e.g in sales section only see sales related tabs. This avoids together to avoid confusion and time to take a decision.


With only horizontal navigation the UI has been open to optimizing on the white space and create many rows of information without any sort of horizontal navigation .



To give the user visibility and ease of taking actions, all of them have been clubbed in the bottom bar.



Each of these tabs would have unique identifiers in their nomenclature like namita sales, sanjana sales etc.


You have reached the end of this project!

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