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Creating a digital agri trading experience for Bijak

B2B marketplace for agricultural trading 

Android App

​My Role 

Building the founding design version of B2B Multilingual Trader and Commission Agent apps from scratch which acted as a backbone for the current design.

  • Brainstorming & wireframing

  • UI/UX design

  • Product Strategy

  • User Research

Bijak is a B2B marketplace for agricultural commodities trading. The platform enables buyers, sellers ,traders, wholesalers and food processors, farmers  to keep a ledger of their transactions, access transparent pricing, better network access, optimised logistics and improve their working capital cycles.

Design Approach

Research Phase 
We understood the existing flows in the agricultural market, understood the gaps, and then worked on creating desired customer journey. 

Information Structuring
& Wireframing 

The flows were structured for simple tabular navigation- primary and secondary.

UI :Concept Devt. & Detailing  

The learnings from research and e

UI :Concept Devt. & Detailing  

The implemented designs were then observed on recorded sessions and meetings with partners with the intention to simplify the flows and navigation.


Gamifiication Feature 

Allows visibility of key metrics.  


Candidate Management System 

View applied jobs and schedule interviews for candidates for matched jobs.   


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