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Envisioning the largest healthcare supply chain management system

Aknamed SmartBuy™ Platform

Web App I


​My Role 

  • Product Strategy

  • User Research

  • Brainstorming & wireframing

  • UI/UX design

Aknamed is the largest healthcare supply chain management system in India. It has a hybrid presence with its own warehouses and digital optimization via SaaS internal and external operation management systems . 
SmartBuy is a cloud-based SaaS product for hospitals to enable them to take better financial decisions and smoothen out operational inefficiencies in procurement of medical items


Design Approach


The Business Context

The healthcare supply chain in India is highly unorganised. The hospitals don’t have any visibility of the turnaround time of orders, and there is high variance in pricing across the same SKU. A majority of the purchases happen beyond the formulary and rate contracts 


The Discovery Phase 

Gathering Requirements and User Research

I spent the initial phase of the project in understanding how does the current procurement flow work, who are the stakeholders involved, what are the gaps that the new system needs to fulfill. These insights were unearthed in form of interactions with industry experts, observing stakeholders in their work environment i.e warehouses.  


The Define Phase 

Mapping Opportunities and Information architecture 

After, understanding the personas and the observed need gaps in the supply chain system,  we worked on mapping the opportunities to features.Once the list of requirements was charted out,I worked on sorting the features into a more easy to understand architecture.  


Developing and Ideating  

Exploring navigational models, wireframes 

One of the primary design goals while working on the optimization of the supply chain was to ensure that the app should increase the user's efficiency from before and should be easy to use. Keeping this in mind, I tried out multiple navigational models as options, discussed pros and cons of each with the stakeholders. Post finalising on the most viablwe navigational model wireframes were then explored. 



Final Designs 



While the product had been built using Lean UX methodology, the focus has been looking at everything from lens of empathy. Enabling employees at every level to be more efficient at their jobs, only helps hospitals be more productive and reduce costs .The products usage have led to cost reduction, better consolidation of SKU, efficiency in time for data entry for more than 1000+ leading hospitals in the country.

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