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Player Bazaar 

B2C Cricket Prediction Fantasy App

PWA and Android App


​My Role 

  • Product Document Writing

  • Information Architecture

  • UX flow wireframing

  • Co-Designing UI 

Player Bazaar is a fantasy cricket game app where users can use the combination of their knowledge and stats provided on the platform to predict the performance scores of athletes as close to real life as possible. Users are rewarded for their absolute skill, and win games transparently irrespective of the performance of other users. 


Design Approach

Design Strategy & 

Secondary Research  


The product document was fleshed out by me with all use cases defined and then for research, competitor apps were studied along with understanding of the key goals. 

Information Structuring
& Wireframing 

The flows were structured for simple bottom nav bar navigation and flow were designed for transparency around information. 

UI :Concept Devt. & Detailing  

The learnings from research drove the UI to be more simple and in tune with minimalistic UI trends to aid faster decision making during an onoging match live on TV.


UI Design 

​Betslip Creation Experience 


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